Oil on Panel  2016
 Oil on Panel  2016   
 Oil on Panel  2016   
Douglas Dreams
Granite Basin
Juneau Wetlands
Winter Sunset on a Stormy Sea
Douglas Pilings
Winter in Juneau
 Oil on Panel, 5"5", SOLD   Muskeg, perhaps, is best defined by it's synonyms: bog, fen, marsh, marshland, mire, moor, morass, swamp, slough (also slew or slue), swampland, wash, wetland. Yes, it is wet and it is alive even in winter.   I was captivated by the darks and lights, the push and pull of life and rest, of the warmth at the feet of this magnificent shore pine, and the rare illumination of sun.
The Home of Truth
Frozen Muskeg
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